United to study current
and emerging variants of concern

We seek to determine the impact of viral mutations

Our consortium comprises 19 partners who’ve joined efforts to understand the global circulation of current and emerging variants of concern and evaluate their impact on diagnostics, treatment, long Covid, and vaccination strategies.

We bring together major research groups with a proven track record in different aspects of COVID-19 research, gathering experts on virology and computational biology, immunology, clinical management, social science, and public health policies. This interdisciplinary team will work closely with different existing networks including EGHRIN (the European Global Health Network), the ReCoDID project (Reconciliation of Cohort Data in Infectious Diseases) and the ANTICOV clinical trial platform in Africa.

Synergies between complementary groups will ensure our expertise is aligned with our goals and covers the full value chain from participant recruitment into cohorts, through diagnosis, sequencing, and treatment, to policy impact.